A frenzied mind (poem 46)

Linda Gibson

frenzied hitting all sides attacked
what you lack never what you are
down despondent miserable picture
reduced demoralized poor empty

days without concern for oneself
nights pay no heeds to cries
neglect full of excuses why

conscious drama let alone to endure
seepage overflows despair
hollow voided echo with only a gesture
resonating deep inside ringing out

worthless to save too much energy to kill
leave alone to waste away
avoidance shunned away not seen

lonely place no shelter ever found
nothing the way it appears
world still turns seasons repeat endlessly

make believe tell lies quietly say goodbye
spoken easily without a touch
pocket to put all lies into
empty feeling days whirl past

moon doesn’t shine clouds only pass
heartless cannot pray
dawn rises rain powerful wind
tears stream down or just rain

foolish to want what the devil only knows
can’t get along self-isolated deprivation
people go away when you need it most