A List of Things I Learned in the Past Year

Nathan Labrador

A mocha frappuccino doesn’t get mocha drizzle on it by default, but customers seem happy when it’s there anyway (the word frappuccino is rather annoying to spell)

I have a newfound appreciation for the absurdity of movie theaters

The blinker in my car synchronizes suspiciously well to Redbone by Childish Gambino

It turns out that loneliness is the worst side effect of a worldwide pandemic

One to three slices of Little Caesars pizza taste best when microwaved for forty-five seconds (a minute or more is ideal for four)

I miss seeing people smile when someone tells them to have a good day

I’ll likely never see my freshly divorced neighbors ever again

Card games with friends is some of the most irritating fun a person can have

Maybe curly hair doesn’t look that bad short after all

My abuelo remembers being bombed by the Chinese while fighting in the Korean War like it was yesterday (some memories are never fully forgotten)

Being yourself is a much more difficult task than it was as a child

I wasn’t in love with her after all, and that’s okay