Dinner at Mama’s

Jasmine Fuller

The scene begins as Mama is in the kitchen preparing dinner for her 3 children whom she has not seen in 10 years.

*Mama’s inner thoughts*: “I knew this day would come, but at least it won’t be so bad since we haven’t seen each other in 10 years. I know Jimmy hasn’t been the same since his farther passed, well hell none of them have been the same since their farther passed. You would think they would come visit every once and a while, but I guess the pain is too much.”

*knock on the door*

Mama runs to the door and to her surprise its her older son Jimmy.

Jimmy: Hey mama!

*Jimmy drops his bags and embraces his mama*

Mama: Hey baby! God I’ve missed you! Where are my grandbabies?!

Jimmy: I left them with Tina mama, ain’t no way in hell was I bringing all 6 of the damn kids up here.

*Mama pops Jimmy upside his head*

Mama: I know you THINK your grown, but boy I’m still your mama!

Jimmy: I’m sorry mama, I just haven’t seen you in years and I just need you all to myself.

Mama: well, who’s fault is that?

Jimmy: Well, you know Tiff makes it hard for me to be around.

*Another knock on the door*

*Mama answers the door*

Mama: Oh my goodness!

Tiffany: Your favorite has arrived Mama!

*Mama and Tiffany hugs*

Mama: Girl hush! I love all my babies, speaking of where is D?

Tiffany: Oh! In my car getting my bags.

Mama: You two are insuperable!

*Donell walks in*

Donell: Hey mama!

*Mama pushes Tiffany out the way*

Mama: My baby!

*Mama kisses all over Donell’s face*

Mama: Everyone put your bags up in your rooms and let’s eat!

*The kids do what their mother tells them and the family rejoin each other at the dinner table.*

Mama: Alright now yawl know we cannot eat until we say the blessing!

*Everyone joins hands and bows their heads*

Mama: Dear lord,

Thank you for this day and Jesus thank you for bringing back all three of my children to me save and sound as we don’t know the dangers of the world and we can only put our trust unto you.


Everyone: Amen

*Everyone begins to pass around serving plates as they fix their personal plates.*

Jimmy: So Tiff, how’s that “business” of yours?

*Jimmy lets out a contradicting smile*

Tiffany: going as good as that “marriage” of yours, matter of fact where is your WIFE Jimmy?

Mama: Now stop right there this is supposed to be a peace full dinner.

Donell: Mama’s right, we haven’t been together in such a long time.

*Tiffany mumbles*

Tiffany: Oh gee, why do you think that?

Jimmy: I’m sorry if I have genuine concern about my only sister.

Tiffany: how is it “genuine” concern? You’re never there, you didn’t have that same energy when dad was on his death bed now did you?

Jimmy: UNLIKE YOU TIFFANY I have a real job and a family to take care of!~ Dad knew I loved him!

Tiffany: But why doesn’t your “Wife” help with those bastard kids , huh? And I do have a real job sir, its called being an ENTRUPERUER!

Jimmy: Wait a damn minute, you’re not about to come for my wife and you damn sure aint about to come for MY KIDS!

Tiffany: we all know the last two isn’t yours Jimmy!

*Everyone stops*

Donell: Now, I think you took it too far Tiffany…

Jimmy: Nah let her keep going, matter of fact while we at it why don’t you tell mom what your real job is Tiffany or should I say Peaches.

*Tiffany stops and looks up at Jimmy*

Jimmy: Yeah, my boys saw you down at magic city. All those nights you thought she was up studying mama she was really out being a hoe.

Donell: Now stop it you two!

Jimmy: Oh hell nah! I know you ain’t talking! That little roommate you have is more then a roommate. You want to tell mama why two grown men are roommates in a house at your age !?

Donell: Fuck you Jimmy!

Mama: NOW THAT’S IT! I HAVE HAD ENOUGH! I’m not doing this anymore; we are family we are all we have!

Jimmy: No mama, that died along with daddy.

*Mama starts to cry as everyone gets up from the table.*