Poem about Nothing

Emmet Klaseus

Waking up next to a space where your lover used to lay
It still smells like them
Fabric softener mixed with warmth and a tinge of sweat
It is a southern summer of course

The window is open and a fan on
A thin breeze blows past you
Wiping the sleep from your eyes
You wonder out of the bedroom and into the kitchen

There they are
Pouring a bowl of cereal
In nothing but boxers and a white t-shirt
You stare

Realizing you can look at them doing the most mundane things
and think they are anything but ordinary
You swear the sun shines out their skin and their smile glows soft as the moon

They look up at you, smirk
Ask “What are you looking at?”
“You” you respond earnestly
They smile, blush and return their gaze to their cereal

Odds are you are straight
Odds are your partner is straight
Odds are neither of you are transgender
Because of this your morning feels ordinary
Almost insignificant

For people who are queer
Loving someone is an act of rebellion
Against all the people who told them
“You’ll never find someone to love you”

You are so lucky
To be with your lover without fear of being ostracized, imprisoned or killed
To be yourself loudly and proudly.
How does it feel?
It’s all I’ve ever wanted