Talking Tennessee

Lyric Bierner

I woke up this morning
whiskey on my breath

I stumbled to the door
put on my boots

It was a cool, crisp morning
I’ll tell you what
it’s beautiful</p

My neighbor passes by,
“Howdy” he said
with a tip to his hat

I love me a good Sunday
spending em fishing, swimming,
chasing bucks
with a beer in my hand
and a dip in

I loaded my poles into the bed of my chevy
along with a cooler filled with nattys

my buddy Roy,
waiting on me at the corner store
he told me
“only the early bird gets the worm”

He was already sippin smooth on a bottle of
Tennessee whiskey

He jumps in my truck
throws me a can o’ worms
and a can of Copenhagen
way to my heart

We found us a good swimmin hole
already bein kept company by some
lovely ladies

I backed my truck on in
popped the cooler lid
cracked me open a cold one
sipped and followed it with an

We got our bobbers in the water
goin up, down
hoping for a big one

After a few cold ones
We climbing the rope swing
to jump in
raisin hell on the water

I’m rowdy like my daddy
and the ladies say
“bless your heart”

Boy do I love Sundays
and beer
but not more than I love
my hometown