The Five Wisdoms of Zuo Quiming

Murphy Lopes

Author Statement

These poems are composed based upon the original intended meaning of Wu Xing, as defined by Zuo Quiming in his text the Zuo Zhaun. I suppose one must strive to understand the ancient concept of Wu Xing, instead of the more modernized philosophical concept of Wu Xing.

To be precise: These poems are my own compositions, based on the ancient philosophy of Wu Xing, as defined through the practice of meditation and martial arts for thousands of years in China, and is dated as far back as the ancient text, “Zuo Zhaun”. (The original concept of Wu Xing being mentioned in written history that is. The true creator and era are unknown, and only speculated upon.)

My inspiration for the actual content of the poems stems from my own practice of various Tibetan martial arts and meditation practices, as well as my pursuit for the origin of Kung Fu.

In terms of framing the poems for the reader, I might suggest focusing on the elemental nature of the poems.

  1. The fire within us, transient energy central to all existence.
  2. The waters we are both a part of, and an existing within. The fluidity of all existence.
  3. The trees our connection to the before and after, representative of reincarnation and acceptance of our surroundings.
  4. The metals underground, ties hand in hand with the mountains above. A constant reminder of the strength in our bones, as well as the necessity for softness in life.
  5. The very Earth itself, representative of oneness in life with all things, as well as a reminder to the constant rotational axis upon which all our lives revolve.


The heart of all stars that shine.
She is first to guide the way.

The warmth in our souls hath come!
With the light of each new day.

Still more, she too is dancing.
An ancient pace, prancing sway.

Entranced by her wild fervor.
By the grace of her display.


Come, primordial tempest!
Unto this parched existence.

Now imbued within us all.
This torrent our persistence.

The bringer of growth and change.
The kind ask no recompense.

For life is all the sweeter.
With water’s effervescence.


From the driftwood lost on shore.
To the forests evergreen.

A true union from before.
To the future still unseen.

For to live is to nourish.
While to die is but to glean.

A glimpse of lost lifetimes lived.
From the nether in between.


Behold these mountains so bold.
Keeping sky from hollow ground.

Their veins now pumping riches.
Precious metals rare be found.

Forget though not, uses wrought.
From tough iron we compound.

From such our lives do prosper.
Til our days beneath the mound.


Alive heart, churning center.
The source of gravity’s pull.

Our home, our hearth, sacred place.
Our reason to love in full.

Alas, my heart is bursting!
From this beauty never dull.

Before my time has finished.
I will leave my happy soul.