Human or Monster

Ray Boone

Human or monster, is what the question seems to be
What is lurking, what is showing, what is hiding in me

In the first half the day, my wife is a person
But as evening approaches, her statute seems uncertain

Sometimes when I’m with her, her form starts to shape
Her eyes turn yellow and I fear she’s a snake

She says to me: “But you are the same,
I will say who you are, before you continue to defame

Your face is unsightly, your neck has teeth
Sometimes when you’re angry, I seem like something to eat

The holes in the wall are what your talons will make me
Lest I bow to your will and succumb on my knees

Monster or man, is the question you claim
But when you ask me, I say they are one and the same”

I disgrace my horrid wife as she spits me out
From the fangs she doesn’t know hide in her mouth

Villainous me, oh yes I agree
But blameless is nothing I ascribe to she

My fist may have punched the first hole in the wall
Yet she decides to forget the stairs which she made me fall

We both are humans in the day and creatures in the night
We are pleasant to each other until we start to fight