Sharing My Poems for the First Time

Emmet Klaseus

I reach deep inside myself and rip out my
I look away as I hold it up to you
Embarrassed by the bloody mass cupped in my hands
A mess quickly pooling at my feet
You called it beautiful
I whipped my head back and stare down at it
It looks like a dissection done by a failing biology student
It looks like it belongs on the side of the road after being hit again and again
It looks
Like how I feel
But when I look up at you I see love in your eyes
And I want to scream
Your supposed to be horrified
You’re supposed to be disgusted
You’re supposed to leave
Instead you’re holding me
I don’t know when that happened
My eyes are wet with tears
I don’t remember that either
You tell me it will be alright
I’m not sure if I believe you