Heidi Donnelly

Cold Love

Alone, in the history books of time
Rummaging through the bedrock of my mind
Haunted by the ghosts of family past
Withered thoughts of them fade but last

I feel a growing sense of melancholy rise
As if from ashes like a phoenix fear reprise
I feel you close now coldness hovers all around
Nice to feel you if I cannot see you around

I would wait here in this deep remembering place
Where I’ll find you even if only cold to embrace
It’s been a long time since I’ve had you here in warmth
But it’s the closest to you my true North

The loss astounding as it writhes round and round my brain
I can’t stop rounding through the history that remains
The sweet thoughts of you oh they heckle through my mind
How nice to feel you hug me tight like cold, cold vines

My love you’re hear and that is all that matters now
How you appear through cold and sound I take my bow
Of thanks to you for coming all this way
And now I leave until we meet again one day