Teeb Al-Rubaiawi

i told the stars about you

“i told the stars about you” she said softly, head bowed to the floor.

“and the response they gave?” he demanded, both only mere 6 feet away from each other. the
wind howled as if it was included in the conversations.

“they said that they knew, for they led me to the maze” she dared to look up and lock with his
eyes, a few specks dancing in them . his eyebrows jumped and he looked back at her, searching

for a reaction
for a weakness
for a place to conquer.

“the stars know nothing” he spat, her eyes hinted a sign of pity and he caught, oh he caught it and held onto it so tightly. he knew at that moment, he no longer had a grip on her, he could not hold her by her neck as he once so proudly did.

“i told the moon about you as well.. she whispered to me words of sorrow.”

“did she weep for you? did she let you hold her cold hand? or did she storm your world, thunder
beating at your heart?” his voice inching closer to shouting, slowly creeping closer and closer to her.

she wished, how she wished that there was warmth in his scent, love and kindness yet her
prayers had always been left unanswered. so she stopped pleading for the sanity she had fought for.

“she did not weep, she did not show a sign of remorse. she only spoke of empty words, yet when told by someone else, they hold the emotion she failed to show.”

and once again he saw that pity, not just dancing in her eyes this time it toyed with her voice.

“i went to the sky for you
i climbed the mountains for you
yet you fail me again
and again, and you expect me to believe the stars?

the ones that had led me to you? you expect me to feel the sadness which the moon had tried
over and over to sell?

my darling my love, i poured my heart out for you, while you drank it and spat it back in my
face. yet you still could never face that you lost the chokehold.

you lost the battle.

dont you see? I won. I won and lost my morality, i lost what i had left of my sanity. all for you,
all because of you. and i truly thank the shining bright stars.”

she laughed, her tender voice laced with emptiness, his eyes stopped dancing around her face, the golden sparkle faded into the night

he wished at that very moment that the moon could save him, that she would help him once
more yet when the blood started dripping down from his heart,

all that was lost was finally found.