Mental Health Haikus

Joye Tate


There was no air left to breathe
Water rushing around me
A fish, swimming.

Trembling in fear
Winds ripping apart houses
A shelter, no longer standing.

If I just let go,
falling to Earth’s surface
a bird, soaring.


I’d trade the world,
A slave tied to a ship,
Freedom, nowhere to be seen.

My life is falling apart
Fall leaves crunch underneath my feet
No one can put it back together.

Failing is inevitable
Still born is painful
Life is everything.


Memories will not fade
Scars run deep
Not even time can erase

I am the victim
A fawn attack by the wolf
Judgement day soon to come.

Who can be trusted
Glass shattered into pieces
Unable to be repaired


I am withering away
Fishes swimming downstream,
Death awaits

I want to stop
The fires die
Embers still burn.

Trapped in a reoccurring cycle
Born, Live, Die
Age is nothing but a number