Mental Health Triptych

Alyssa Marshall

Words run rampant in my mind
Your words, his words, and mine
I cannot shed my feelings because I have gave too much
I keep pulling at this heart on my sleeve, I’ll tear off my arm eventually
Weeping and I can’t stop it
Crying for no reason
Wishing to wage war on my tears
I’ll give you something to cry about
Weak like water, the salt in it don’t help
We stand at different roads and u won’t come help  My tears have carved a river between us
My heart is soft and u poke it and poke it, I’ll burst
You have to grow a thick skin
I try but my skin cant put on the layers as they are being destroyed
I grow into it accept it as my own
I stop resisting the change and become apart of it
At times I replace it with anger
They meld together
I will fight back and know feeling is okay
My feelings are worthwhile and I will stray away from concentrating on your words
I will cope instead, push u away if you don’t try to understand
Make it my own light and follow it to the end