The Flower & The Human

Andre Thompson

There once was a flower living comfortably in a beautiful field.

A human came up, and yanked it from the ground.

They wore the flower on their head because they thought it looked pretty on them.

The flower didn’t really know what was going on, but it was nice to be off the ground.

The human loved their new flower accessory and wore it everywhere they went.

The flower loved seeing all the new places far from its little field.

One day the flower asked for some water, as all flowers needed to survive. 

The human didn’t seem to hear it and continued to walk.

The flower didn’t mind too much, it was only kind of thirsty.

But as the days went on the flower began to become more and more dehydrated.

The flower assumed that the human would eventually realize their favorite flower is dying, but they didn’t seem to notice or care, parading around the world singing about their new flower. 

Eventually the flower called out and the human seemed to react.

“Can you please put me back to my roots, I can’t live on your head forever”

The human made a disappointed look at the flower and placed the flower back to the spot they’d originally plucked it from.

The flower was on the brink of life and began to think, “Are all humans like this? Don’t they know flowers need water? Why didn’t the human notice when I called out? Why did the human only notice when my petels began to fade?”

The flower began to wonder if humans ever even noticed flowers could speak at all.

The flower began to fear humans.

It tore off all its petals so no one would notice and mistreat it ever again.

The flower began to resent the idea of traveling, leaving the safety of its home.

“What a stupid idea. I should’ve never show that human my petals. They’ll just tear me from the ground and parade me all across the world like I’m some accessory”

The flower paused, and began to wonder where these complex feelings of hatred came from.

“I’m a flower. I shouldn’t even be able to think, I just need to relax. If someone sees a pretty flower their going to pick it up and show it off it’s just what happens I shouldn’t complain”

Even so the flower began to grow its petals back they never felt the same.

An ever so slight sense of discomfort flowed through its stems.

And those feelings reflected through it’s petals which were darker now.

The flower became worried that these petals would single them out even more.

But no one seemed to notice.

No one even seemed to care.

Some of the other flora even complemented the flower on the new petals.

Everyone just accepted or ignored the flower’s petals.

Because everyone was worried about their own problems.