Emmet Klaseus

Maybe we should just drive
It’s raining and I need to be anywhere but here
Will you come with me?
I never know where I’m going
Until I get there
Getting lost with you is second nature
I wouldn’t mind getting lost with you
Or in you
Will you take the wheel?
I want to sit shotgun
Close my eyes
Feel the motion of the car while
The calm of your voice
Envelopes me in warmth
I need cars to be safe again
There is this dream where I am locked in a car that rolls into a lake
The water rises to my nose and
I can’t breath
I can’t
You call my name
Jerk me out of my trauma
“You’re crying” you say
“Oh” I respond wiping my face
I turn toward the window
As raindrops roll across the starless sky

A Piece of Encouragement

Blythe Krueger

A poem to me
Can be anything and everything that your heart desires to create
Whether it be about nature
Or your everyday life
Or moments you never want to forget

Maybe it could be for one specific person

That’s the beauty of writing
And poetry
There is no right or wrong
It always gives you the opportunity to write something else in the future
It gives you an infinite amount of chances

Writing for me
Is something that impacts the lives of others
Something that leaves someone changed
Something that is positive, inspiring, and empowering
A form of communication that we can use to make others feel

It’s only strings of letters
Yet it holds such value and importance
How lovely

So maybe what I am trying to say is
Write more often

And if you are reading this right now
Maybe it’s for a reason
Whatever your reason may be