Stylus 2021

Explore the creativity exhibited by students at Midlands Technical College. Their work can be accessed by either 1.) looking through the table of contents below & clicking on links; 2.) clicking on the tabs for Visual Art, Poetry, & Prose.

This is just the beginning. Every few weeks, a new broadside will be released featuring work from this year’s contributors. Broadsides will be posted across MTC campuses & will be archived here on this site.

Table of Contents

Love & Ache

Alex Noegel: “…oh…” (2021 SEH Conference Creative Writing winner)

Emmet Klaseus: “Poem About Nothing”

Cory Kelly: “Drain Me Dry”

Casper Sullivan: “And so was he”

Jerry Windhorn: “Ivy” (2021 Stylus Poetry Prize winner)

Chloe Hardy: “Thorn Branch”

Ray Boone: “God”

Jasmine Fuller: “Dinner at Mama’s”

Jacob McArthur: “Let’s See What We Have in Common”

Emmet Klaseus: “Poem About Nothing”

Jerry Windhorn: “Groundhog Day”

Ray Boone: “Human or Monster”


Ryan Barker: “My Life in the Mist”

Erikka Custis: “I Am Of”

Linda Gibson: “A frenzied mind”

Sarah Long: “Dying for the Sun”

Kerri Hankinson: “Can I Speak to the Manager?”

Ray Boone: “Man or machine.”

Amber Simmons: “Déjà vu”

Emmet Klaseus: “Sleeping Hermaphroditus”

Lenayah Rayford: “Id.Ego.Superego”

Nathan Labrador: “A List of Things I Learned This Past Year”

Emmet Klaseus: “The Girl”

Queen Robinson: “The view is never the same”

Sharon Rose Mukendi: “Nurse Practitioner vs. Physician Assistant” (2021 SEH Gallery Project winner)

Ray Boone: “Clothes”

Erikka Custis: “The Mason”

Britton Krueger: “John Barrymore”

Emmet Klaseus: “Mother’s Day Poem”

Skylar Pratt: “Strength in Illness” (2021 SEH Conference Research Essay winner)

Logan Jones: “Eagle Transformation Mask” (2021 SEH Conference Art winner)

Sense of Place

Chloe Hardy: “Vintage”

Casper Sullivan: “The Unhallowing of Chernobyl”

Chloe Hardy: “Shoal”

Lyric Bierner: “Talking Tennessee”

Chloe Hardy: “While Exploring”

Joshua Farrell: “I Remember Buffalo”

Amanda Richardson: “Cocky 2”

Ray Boone: “The Church”

Elizabeth Moore: Podcast on Charleston’s East Side (2021 SEH Conference Multimedia winner)

Ji Kim: “Pinecone”

Murphy Lopes: “Five Wisdoms of Zuo Quiming”

Chloe Hardy: “In the Clouds”

Logan Jones: “When You Hear the Train”

Casper Sullivan: “On Winter”

Amanda Richardson: “State House”

Ray Boone: “Retail”

Chloe Hardy: “Behind”

Imaginary Realms

Colin Williams: “The Offer”

Curtis Lynn: “The Rook”

Casper Sullivan: “Ancient Lavender”

Logan Jones: “Eminence”

Cory Kelly: “No Controller”

Nathan Labrador: “There’s a Button for That” (2021 Stylus Prose Prize winner)

Amanda Richardson: “Zombie Hand”

Leah Doire: “The Guardian”

Casper Sullivan: “et al”

Cory Kelly: “The Escape Artist”

Caleb Lapsley: “Cassini Vibes” (2021 Stylus Art Prize winner)

Reflections on Art (Remixes Too)

Alexandria Kayce: “Poetry King”

Mackenzie Powell: “What a Poem Adds to a News Event” (2021 SEH Conference Essay Winner)

Nathan Labrador: “Album Cover Mash-Ups”

ENG238-I01 Spring 2021 Students: Lisa Jarnot Pieces

Emmet Klaseus: “Sharing My Poems for the First Time”

Joel Rogers: The Aeneid: A Window into Ancient Rome” (2021 Tom Bonner Prize winner)

Nathan Labrador: “Midsommar x Super Mario Bros. 3”

Blythe Krueger: “Piece of Encouragement”

All rights reserved by authors.