Stylus 2022

Place & Memory

Emilia Warner- “Cityscape” (visual art)

Elle Kuse- “South Carolina State Hospital” (ENG 238 photo essay)

Ye’Moni Alcine- “Travel Guide to Bridgeport, CT 1947” (ENG 100 MTC Reads project)

John Cromer- “The Environmental Effects of Nuclear Bomb Testing” (GEO 101 mapping project)

Erin Strickland- “Cityscape” & “Vanitas” (visual art); William Goodwin IV Art Award Winner

Lisonna Saunders- “Hometown” (poem)

Jackson Brown- “Bridgeton, ME” (ENG 100 MTC Reads project)

Carmen Quay- “Cityscape” & “Vanitas” (visual art)

Mary Hobbs- “What Impact Does Pollution Have on US Rivers?” (GEO 101 mapping project)

Robyn Lockett- “The River in My Heart” (short story)

Deautra Salmond- “Atlanta, Georgia” (ENG 100 MTC Reads project)

Kathyvan Do- “Cityscape” & “Vanitas” (visual art)

Nitaejha Leonard- “Welcome to Las Vegas” (ENG 100 MTC Reads project)

Samuel Price Hinshaw- “The Past Affects the Future” (GEO 101 mapping project)

NyJelah Corley- “SugahVille” (short story)

Daona Williams- “New York, Harlem” (ENG 100 MTC Reads project)

Alyssa Crummey- Essay on Dreaming in Cuban (ENG 299 essay)

Rivers Rucker- “The Effects of Hydroelectric Dams” (GEO 101 mapping project)

Christopher Robinson- “Taking a Trip to Atlanta” (ENG 100 MTC Reads project)

Camryn Dildine- “Hometowns” (ENG 101 autobiographical essay)

Murphy Lopes- “D3VOUR” (visual art)

Amaya Milligan- “The State of New York” (ENG 100 MTC Reads project)

Samson Seals- “Invalidated: A Trans Man in the American South” (ENG 101 autobiographical essay)

Shy’da Lloyd- “Mount Rushmore, South Dakota” (ENG 100 MTC Reads project)

The Past’s Wounds

Teeb Al-Rubaiaw- “oh you” (poem)

Odaly Cadeza Solis- “Bewitched & Bamboozled” (short story)

Heidi Donnelly- “Cold Love” (poem)

Teeb Al-Rubaiaw- “i told the stars about you” (short story)

Cory Kelly- “Consequences,” “Family Echoes,” & “Sensitivity” (visual art)

Hannah Talbert- “Soul without a Home” (poem); Stylus Poetry Prize Winner

Colin Williams- “A Wish in the Dark” (short story)

Gail A. Glover- “Pink Tights” (poem)

Natalie Allen- “LGBTQ+ Manifestos” (ENG 102 podcast project)

Alexander Hinds- “Recall” (poem)

Melisa Yang- “Conversations with an English Apparition” (prose)

Fantastical Creatures

Abigail Reynolds- “Ghosts” (visual art)

Isaiah Branch- “Ghosts” (visual art)

Elle Kuse- “Guardian Angel” (short story); Stylus Prose Prize Winner

Myles Harris- “Ghosts” (visual art)

Ryan Halas- “Ghosts” (visual art)

Dakota Garland- “Villanelle” (poem)

Ryan Irvin- “Ghosts” (visual art)

Elle Kuse- “Cubism” & “Ghosts” (visual art)

Max Franks- “Blood of Fire” (short story)

Kimeri Boyles- “Ghosts” (visual art)

Casper Sullivan- “Astro Boy, the Orphan Hero” (essay); Tom Bonner Prize Winner

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